What does OTSI do?

26 septembre 2016


OTSI helps you publishing documents from DITA Maps

OTSI is actually a user interface : It allows you to run the DITA Open Toolkit by completing simple actions :

  • choosing a map
  • choosing a folder where documents will be published
  • choosing one or several output formats.

It is easier to do than typing commands into the Windows command prompt.

OTSI has 8 output formats

  • PDF
  • HTML5
  • TocJS – HTML files + navigation
  • HTML Help
  • ODT – or Open Document Text. Editable with LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Google Docs.
  • Word RTF – Editable Microsoft Word. (Some DITA features are not supported)
  • DocBook

Modifying style of published documents is not available with OTSI in its current version 0.1.

Additional output formats will be added in upcoming versions.

OTSI helps you installing DITA Open Toolkit, and complementary packages…

  • Version 2.3.1 of DITA Open Toolkit in included in OTSI 0.1: it means less installation problems
  • OTSI checks if Java is properly installed on your computer, and can help you to complete the installation
  • OTSI helps you installing HTML Help Workshop. It is a free software required to publish HTML Help documents.